Exporting .obj with displacement

Hi all,

I’m looking for a software or tool that will allow me to export the model I create in Wavefront .obj format along with the accompanying .mtl file. I want the mtl file to correctly include the displacement I add to the model, i.e. in the format
disp displacementFilePath

I have looked into Blender, but what I understood (correct me if I’m wrong) is that exporting displacement maps in the mtl file isn’t supported.

Do you know of other software that will allow me to do this?


If using blender then the obj file should be sufficient. The mtl file contains the shading/texture, which is probably quite basic, so you’d need to adjust the shadings either way, as Blender is better at it.

I think Photoshop can read MTL - so maybe it can use the .obj file too?

From what I remember photoshop will strip the obj to the basics.

I’m not a 3D guy - so I probably am talking shite. But hey, might be something. And I might learn something too :slight_smile:

Hi! Thanks for the reply.
I’m not having trouble with reading either of the .obj or .mtl files. I’m just looking for a way to export the model with displacement defined in the .mtl file.
I have tried many times to do it with blender. I create a model, add a base color texture, normals, roughness or any other texture, and displacement. When I export the model in .obj format, the accompanying .mtl file would reference the base color and some of the other textures, but not the displacement. I have to manually define it there.
So I’m looking for a way where this is done automatically with the export action.

From Blender? I don’t think it supports exportation of the displacement maps, you might find some script for it somewhere.

No, Blender won’t work. That’s why I’m asking for a different software that supports this.

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