External CD Drives for a MacBook Pro?

I’ll be purchasing a new MacBook Pro and wondering what external CD drive to buy for it. Can anyone give me any suggestions besides the Apple SuperDrive? I don’t really want to pay that much for a drive.

In theory, most any external CD/DVD drive should work as long as it has the right connectors. In practice, it might be another matter. The new Mac operating system, Catalina, won’t even mount my Apple Superdrive. How it works with others is anyone’s guess.


LG- silver
my neighbor has one which is great!
i have a generic i-something that is iffy and I use his when my does not work or read.
The apple superdrive is the worst thing they made.

I have the Apple external disc drive, and it works fine under 10.13.4 High Sierra. Interesting to read about the issues with Catalina.

80 bucks, wow
i guess that is why i never purchased one of those.

Yea, I can’t see the point in paying $80 for one. I love Apple, but I do think some of their stuff is way overpriced. I can’t decide between an LG, VersionTECH or NOLYTH. All three work with Macs and got really good reviews. Can you tell that I research the Hell out of stuff before purchasing?

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I would think that there is very little difference in the performance of different CD/DVD players, outside of the capability to record onto the disk. I cannot see any justification for spending more than necessary on any drive with a USB connection.

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