External feedbacks

Hello everybody, I am a UX and web design student, freelance UX designer with not that much of experience, and content revisor/creator =D.
I’m managing the blog section related to a website, curing everything in it, from text writing, correction, and where needed translation, to general website structure, written material layout, etc. EVERYTHING!!! :slight_smile: As i said i’m not that much of a pro doing it, and so far, to count on a solid base, i’m following directives from most reliable people on the field (at least the ones i got in touch with like most of all Susan Weinschenk. If u haven’t read anything of them i totally recommend “100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People”)
By the way This is the website i’m talking about. I think that as regards writing in general everything should be ok, even if i’m not an english native speaker. But I would like some objective and external opinions strictly about site structure and menu’s setting. Do you think the menu section on the upper right side is clear and well structured enough? That’s my n.1 worrying :confused:

In any case any other tip or recommendation about everything is well accepted :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance <3 :* :wink:

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