Extra space around Wordpress header and title?

How do I remove this extra space between the header image and my content?

I’ve got the header image sized to 1100 x 250 like WP told me. I have the menu and site title and tagline turned off but even with them turned on it still creates this space below it. I’m not sure what is creating this space. The URL is https://kudlichcreative.wordpress.com

I tried turning on the title and tagline but that didn’t take up the space either.

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I know nothing of Wordpress but maybe this will help.

I know you didn’t ask for feedback about your logo, so please disregard this comment if you’re not interested in unsolicited feedback. That said, I feel like I need to tell you that I can’t read what this says:


Honestly, I’d leave it as “I don’t want a title”

Very profound :rofl:


I want to sticht with this but more on the site side:

You have adds on your free website. I would invest a few bucks and get rid of it. You probably can have your own domain name then too.

This doesn’t look so inviting :wink:

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Looking at the code it shows that you have an 80px top/bottom padding on the masthead as well as a 20px bottom margin on the site-image (your main header image).

I’m not sure how your wordpress page is set up, but essentially remove or modify the padding on the masthead and site-image and you should be good to go.

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Thanks, I’ll see what CSS I can edit but I think that’s restricted behind the site upgrade annoyingly. I peeked in just a bit and was able to look at this bit of code through the Pages menus. Could I alter the button code to remove the margin by adding a negative margin here? I’m a bit rusty on my coding but I should be able to add it to the master

right or wrap a new
around the whole group of buttons?

< div class=“wp-block-buttons alignwide has-custom-font-size” style=“font-size:18px”>
< div class=“wp-block-button has-custom-width wp-block-button__width-25 is-style-outline”>MARKETING

< !-- /wp:button →

< !-- wp:button {“textAlign”:“center”,“width”:25,“className”:“is-style-outline”} →
< div class=“wp-block-button has-custom-width wp-block-button__width-25 is-style-outline”>PERSONAL

< !-- /wp:button →

< div class=“wp-block-button is-style-outline”>PHOTOGRAPHY
< !-- /wp:button →

Through CSS you should be able to target the masthead as well as the site-image. While not always ideal, you could use the “!important” tag to override anything the site is doing by default.

If you’re able to edit the CSS this is super easy to delete the part you don’t want.

If it were me and I was just looking for a quick fix, I’d probably open up the theme and just comment out the objectionable section.

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I think I’m just gonna upgrade my site to unlock the full css and rename my site/remove the wp in the title.