Facebook offline

As far as I can tell, Facebook and Instagram seem to be experiencing a worldwide outage today. I’m getting DNS errors no matter what VPN servers I use in any country. A brief Google search seems to indicate others are seeing the same thing.

I’m not sure why, but there’s something about this problem that I like — if it doesn’t go on too long.

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The conspiracy folks are all a flutter today about it. Last night there was a Facebook Whistle-blower on. She said basically what we all kind of knew :wink:

All the apps are now down today. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger.

Twitter has been busy. :grin:

Facebook giving updates on Twitter is the funniest freaking thing ever. And lets not forget their stocks tanked today too. Someone on Reddit just compared Facebook being down for days to the canals running clear during the covid lockdowns in Europe, loll.


I hadn’t noticed.


Looks like a great day to buy FB. I’d be tempted to if I didn’t dislike the company so strongly.


Same here. Never noticed anything. I’m such a social media illiterate.

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Never noticed. And don’t care if they don’t come back. Good riddance


They are trying to get back … but the apps and the browsers are still all frogged up.

They are still having fun on Twitter.


I really don’t use FB much anymore other then Messenger to keep in contact with family and the occasional posting. I know some are still really freaking out.

I think Stephen King said it best today:

Facebook outage the #1 story on the nightly news (ABC). This is the very definition of addiction.

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I just read a news story saying that Zuckerburg’s personal wealth went down $6 billion today. I’d be willing to bet this whistleblower story will blow over, nothing will change internally at FB, and the stock will rebound. Maybe a few more loosing days, but I highly doubt this is a permanent reduction in market value.

It’s the very definition of a really sad commentary of the world…
With so much crap news out there, this whistleblower is just peeing into the wind. Nothing will come of it and people will go back to being assimilated.

… and I’ll remain happy keep on being a dinosaur.

With the constant 24 news Merry-go-round. People will have forgotten all about by tomorrow. They will have something new to fret about. Nothing will change … nothing ever does.

They can have all the Congressional Hearings they want … won’t mean a thing. Even old Zuck has sat at hearings. Not a blessed thing happens. Not while those very politicians benefit financially from big business. They aren’t going to willingly cut off their IV bag full of money.

Oh they will spout and sputter and put on a good show for all the little people … but then gladly take a handout and quietly shove it in their pocket.

This was in the comment section of a newspaper article I was reading:

Facebook went off the air…and the sun still rose in the east and set in the west, the wind blew, the rain and snow fell, the birds sang, the cows mooed in their pastures, and the earth kept turning just like it did before Facebook was invented.


And this one, just as good:

Can you hear it? The sound of hunched spines popping and cracking as people raise their heads up from their phones.


Overheard news stories of the “chaos” that ensued during the 6-hour outage.

Our news media sucks.

I hope the next one lasts 6 years.


''The outage was caused by “configuration changes on the backbone routers.”

Another article … from FB

During one of these routine maintenance jobs, a command was issued with the intention to assess the availability of global backbone capacity, which unintentionally took down all the connections in our backbone network, effectively disconnecting Facebook data centers globally.

Do they make a card that says, “Hey, Boss, sorry that I flipped the wrong switch which caused massive outages which caused our stock to dive 7% which cost you $6 billion in net worth!”?


Was it offline?

Around 20 years ago, between better jobs, I accepted a job with a state government agency to design and rebuild its website. I had the only Macintosh in the entire department, which consisted of, maybe, a thousand people. Their network was some kind of old Novell thing.

Needing Internet access, I plugged my Mac into the Ethernet port in the wall and changed the settings on my Mac to match. It worked, and I went to lunch.

When I got back from lunch, there were about a dozen people standing around my Mac staring at it. Somehow or another, that Mac was hijacking the entire network and insisting that all traffic on the network heading to or from the Internet travel through that Macintosh as a DNS gateway.

Over a period of about 40 minutes, the entire agency’s network gradually ground to a halt as the Mac propagated some kind of network instruction that rewrote previous network settings. Since all the state agency networks were interconnected, the hijack started spilling over into other state agencies.

The IT people had no idea what to do since they had no experience dealing with Macintoshes. They finally shut down the entire network across the several agencies that were affected, then booted up everything from scratch and had everyone restart their computers.

They wouldn’t let me plug the Mac into the network after that, so I needed to use a Windows machine for the remaining several weeks I was there.


Holy Moly!


That’s quite a story!

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