Fake jobs + questions about starting a GD career

I would like to comment and ask something.

I realized that Facebook is full of fake ads, fake groups, fake jobs and even related to graphic design. I am a member of a group on facebook “Graphic designers”. People there seem to post an ad looking for graphic designers, and then when you send them a message and they reply, you see that it’s something completely different.

I would like to ask something:

How to start a freelance career as a graphic designer?
What do you think of Upwork? What other sites do you recommend?
Is it perhaps better to start your own graphic design business?
How and where do you look for graphic design jobs?

Apologies if these questions have already been asked in other threads…

I have been wrestling with how to respond to your post. I could give short answers to all of your questions. I could give long answers to all of your questions. Or I could cut to the heart of the matter. I am going to opt for the latter. You seem sincere, and you are trying to educate yourself, so I am trying to be nice even though my comments might come across otherwise. The bottom line is that you don’t have enough experience to launch a freelance career, to start a graphic design business or to look for a graphic design job (it’s unclear if you are talking about a full-time position or graphic design jobs where you’d be designing directly for the client). I’m not saying you can’t get there — I don’t know you anywhere near well enough to make that sort of a call — but you’re not there yet. You need to slow down, get a lot more education and a lot more experience before you’re ready to launch a freelance career or open your own design studio. As it stands right now, if you enter the workforce, you’ll be another one of the thousands (or hundreds of thousands or millions) of under-experienced designers competing for crap jobs from clients that don’t care any more about there business to spend no more than $20 for a logo. That’s no way to build a sustainable career. Again, I am not saying you can’t have a sustainable career in design, but you’re not ready for it at this point. If graphic design is the career path for you, that’s fine. Create a realistic plan to get you there. I hope you take this in the spirit in which it was given.


What kind of work are you looking to do?
Are you doing anything to outreach to potential clients in your area?

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Personally, starting a freelance career as a graphic designer is a great idea. Upwork can be a good platform to begin with, but don’t rely solely on it. But u need to have reputation there.Eventually, starting your own graphic design business gives you more control and flexibility. To find jobs, use social media, job boards, and your network like Linkendin. Good luck!

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Yes, you are right. I must slow down, and continue with education, and later start freelance career. Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


I’m glad to see your positive response and glad you took the advice in the spirit in which it was intended.