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Hi Guys

I am looking for a family tree template to print and frame. Struggling to find anything that isn’t cheesy looking. Has anyone come accross any nice examples they have done for clients? Or templates you have used. That can cope with up to 7 generations.

Thanks in advance

Welcome aboard and sorry… I haven’t seen anything of which you speak. Maybe someone else has.

I suspect none of those things you found were thought to be cheesy by their designers, so I suppose what you’re looking for is something only you will know when you see it.

There’s not a whole lot you can do with these family tree infographics. Making them functional pretty much requires a whole series of boxes in an expanding geometric sequence. You can put patterns behind them or make them look like branches of a tree or treat them as straight-forward boxes and lines. In the end, though, the boxes still need to dominate since they hold the ancestors’ names that form the basis of the whole thing.

I assume you’ve done a Google image search, but didn’t like what you found. Judging from your question, I’m guessing you’re not a designer yourself (otherwise, you wouldn’t be looking for a template). Even so, designing something personal for someone, where the main requirement is coming up with what the client personally likes is a tough problem. It’s not easy reading people’s minds and catering to their subjective tastes. Have you tried just designing it yourself?

It would be ideal if you were a designer – but I also agree that trying to read people’s minds is pretty much shooting in the dark. Even “cheesy” can mean different things to different people. Yeah, a little more (actually, a lot more) elaboration might help.

If you can’t find anything in family tree software, you might try searching for mind mapping software. It’s used for building flowcharts and trees.

Thank you everyone for your replies, appreciate it :slight_smile:

I have found a site that is just what I need, and it supports the site I have my family tree in, so can import it, so no manual input, and has a tree maker, so can customize the colours font etc :slight_smile: ideal…

And this is the kinda thing I mean when I say about cheesy templates :stuck_out_tongue: … It’s a gift for my parents to hang on their wall, I aint going to frame something like this, haha.

You mention 7 generations, that in itself will be a challenge, perhaps. The above example shows 6. If I’m doing my math right, 7 generations is 127 names/boxes. If you’re a designer, its best to design something that works for you. if you’re not a designer, you may want to enlist the aid of one to help you design something that works for you.

I use MyHeritage for my family tree. It looks a bit cheesy (its been around a while) but it works very well. It has a few output templates, one of which may be ok for you. It is free and accessible via a website or an app on your desktop/laptop or phone. I

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