Famous brands that changed their logos during the Covid-19 pandemic

Large companies and brands trying to do their part and communicate the important message of social distancing. Check out how some of the most iconic identities have been modified to get the word out.

McDonald’s: Separated arches.

Volkswagen: Thanks for keeping your social distance.

Coca-Cola: Staying apart is the best to stay united.

Chiquita: I’m already home.

Mercado Libre: No handshake. Just elbow shake please.

Audi: Keep distance.

Brothers Street Food: Keep distance with humans. Not pets.

Keef Keef Chocolate, Israel: Give up the high fives, for the time being.
(The first word is “Keef” - the Hebrew word for “High Five”.)

Burger King changed their slogan from “Home of the Whopper” to “Stay Home”.

Zoom takes the opposite approach to other brands: Shorten the distance.


Help, my eyes are rolling out of my head. These remind me of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vM3J9jDoaTA

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My eyes have rolled out of the back of my head, out the front door, down the block, halfway across town to the dump, and laying on top of a heap of garbage. The sickening feeling that I get is that of the morbid reality that these companies don’t give a shit about you but that keeping the brand in your mind is top priority.

Companies are composed of people. Does the company care? No, it’s not a living thing.

Do the people who make up the company care. Lot’s of them do. A few probably don’t.

Are corporate attempts to address the whole Covid-19 pandemic examples of corporate caring and altruistic behavior? Probably not, since a company, once again, isn’t a living, emotional sentient thing.

Do the genuine concerns for other people by the people in these companies show through in their Covid-19 marketing? Probably, at least to some extent.

In my opinion, it’s not the role of companies to feign corporate concern. The primary role of a company is to make money, which creates products and services for consumers and provides jobs for employees. Maybe companies should be more socially conscious as part of their corporate cultures. A few might actually do just that.

I suppose I view corporations as a sort of machine that people operate. I don’t expect machines to care — they have no feelings and just do what they were built to do. The people, however, who run machines are largely the same as any other group of people.

So when a corporate entity expresses concern over social and health issues — like the Covid-19 pandemic — of course there’s a marketing component to it. But I also think that at least some of the sentiments expressed by those companies actually reflect the concerns of the people who run the companies.

Egotistical, narcissistic, psychopaths are disproportionately represented at the higher levels of most mid-sized to larger corporations. I expect no compassion from these people because they’re incapable of it — only manipulative, self-serving behavior. Not everyone at the top is like that, though.

I guess what I’m saying is that it’s a mixed bag. We shouldn’t expect corporations to behave like caring people. But I don’t think we ought cynically dismiss their actions out of hand when, on occasion, they seem to at least make an effort that might reflect some of the genuine concerns of the people who work there.


I don’t know if many of these are real or not but it definitely shows you that companies adapt with the times. My favorite one is the Zoom logo. It has so many meanings behind it. Thank you for your post @iraszl


What am I missing with the Chiquita banana logo?

I guess you don’t have to worry about the woman usually in the logo being too close to you? I dunno. That’s a stretch on my part.

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Original Chiquita logo with the girl.

Well, that’s a stretch lolll!!

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They coulda just put a mask on her.

Nice, Mastercard too

I think this is easy to do. Throw some extra money at your marketing/branding department and come up with a new temporary logo. You get plenty of goodwill, especially when it’s a “cause” that almost the entire world is on one side of.

What’s harder is to stop taking advantage of weak labour laws in developing countries that endanger workers, and also keep running your businesses there once the crisis is over. That costs a lot more money to do, and not too much of the world cares about it because it’s not happening at their doorstep.

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