Famous logo wordmarks substituted with the fonts they use

In this project the designer Emanuele Abrate did some research on the logos of some of the most famous brands, trying to understand which font they use or which have been modified to get to the final result.


This is pretty cool!!

Love this guy :smiley: His Instagram is full of them too :smiley:

eww, myyyyyriad.

I do love me some Frutiger though. As big of a Helvetica fan as I may be, I do hold a large place in my typographical heart for Adrian Frutiger. A rather disgruntled gentleman, as far as the Swiss go. But then again, he was also a Gemini, and spent most of his days slandering Helvetica as much as possible.

I will say, that Frutiger Black, is actually far superior to the Helvetica equivalent.

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