Features you may have missed

This forum site is built on the discourse engine, which runs on ruby on rails. It’s fast and easy to use, sports a lot of features. Here are a couple that you may want to explore (click the cog under your profile):

  • You can change the theme from the default dark to light. Many like the light better. Find under Preferences/Interface
  • Change the default Home Page. ‘New’ or ‘Unread’, instead of the default ‘Latest’ are popular. Find under Preferences/Interface.
  • Notifications on posts in email. Every person has a different preference. Set-up yours under Preferences/Emails.
  • Create a rich profile with a background and information under Preferences/Profile.

A couple of other niceties are:

  • The ability to drag-and-drop photos into messages.
  • Quoting a message in a reply just means highlighting the piece of text to be quoted, then clicking the quote button that appears.

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