Feedback for my logo design

Hello! My name is Kevin and I am recent college graduate working on my graphic design portfolio. I created this logo as a concept for a donut and coffee shop called Glaze.

I would really appreciate some feedback for my design to better improve it.

Thank you!!

It’s a good start, but this needs some work.

On the plus side I like the brown and blue palette, I like the typeface you chose for “donuts & coffee,” and I like that the logo doesn’t rely on gradients / shadows / effects.

That said, to my eye, this is too clean and sterile and lacks a visually appetizing feeling. Also, I don’t think the fonts are meshing that well.

Overall, I get the impression you rushed to Illustrator with the first solution you came up with and didn’t really flesh out the design phase.

Thanks so much for your feedback! I will definitely take it into consideration and continue to work on other variations.

The brown and blue aren’t really working for me. Blue isn’t an especially good color to use with food. In addition, there’s insufficient value contrast (relative lightness and darkness) between the two colors.

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Once I figured out the shape in the center was a coffee bean…ugh…cliche.

I would appreciate if you would provide more constructive feedback instead of just saying that something is “cliche”.

That was one of his nicer comments :wink:
I would have taken that one and ran!

However, in an industry where cliche, over milked trends, and striking amounts of repeated art and concepts are prevalent, I would heed the advice.

Hey, at least there’s not a minimalist coffee mug with Steam rising from the top.

cliche, over milked trends, and striking amounts of repeated art and concepts are prevalent,

That shadow inside the hole makes no sense at all. It’s only a half-cliche, and makes no contrast with the brown.

Other than what everyone else said which I agree with. Personally I think your logo would literally look better if you just used that bean(I think its a bean) in the middle and put your type around that.

Other than that I would say your typeface for “Glaze” doesn’t really match the feel of the logo or name. It feels very hard and jagged too me (even though the A is rounded). I would say the typeface you used for your “Donuts & Coffee” would look better in its place.

The brown and the blue also aren’t inviting either, the first thing I think about is shit, dry donuts, dry mouth, need water. And Im not saying that to insult you its just the first thing that comes to my mind. Try replacing it with the color of an actual glazed donut.

I appreciate your feedback. I just want to add that I don’t have a lot of experience and I’m very new to graphic design. There’s definitely a lot that I need to learn and I think I’ll just be scrapping this design as a whole because it isn’t as successful as I thought. Once again thank you.

thought you had a degree in graphic design…

I started out as a computer science major and after deciding to pursue graphic design I was unable to join the degree program so my degree is in general art. Everything I have learn I have self taught myself over the years so it’s been a bit of a challenge. There’s a lot of information online and it’s hard to know what’s right and wrong.

Get a course on Udemy or something man, you can finish it in like a month or 2 and they go over all the basics. Trying to figure everything out yourself is not worth 12 bucks…

Also good books:
Universal Principles of Design
Massimo Vignelli’s Canon(free online)
The Design of Everyday Things
Thinking with Type
and Stuff by Paul Rand

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Thanks so much for this!

i think the base of this logo is good itself.

i suggest to make it more interesting, trying adding some contrasts?
you could make it more 3d like by adding shadow on the donut and the typography?

also what about adding a glaze to that donut? haha it might make it more appealing

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Jagged font doesn’t work around the donut. Other people have commented on the blue but I think a different shade, like more of a mint perhaps, could still work. Shadow on the inside of the donut without it being on the outside makes the design flat. I think you have the start of something, but it’s not there yet.

There’s something that could be done with the shapes of the donut and the coffee bean being similar that might be a direction you could take it.

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