Feedback on large project?

I have an opportunity for do a big project for a non-profit art organization. It consists of 30 - 60 illustrations I will hand drawn in pen & ink and then colorize digitally. The timeline is generous and not a problem. These will be used for a musical presentation on line. Approximately 50 mins. My drawings will be the only visual images the viewers see.

The project director assures me they have “funding” and I should “charge a real fee”. Below is the break down of an estimate based on 30 illustrations. Does it make sense? Are there any other areas I should consider?


30 finished illustrations x $XXX = XXXX.
Script work: 6 hours x $XX = $XXX
Planning, story boarding, preliminary sketches: 25 hours x $XX = XXX
General Project Management: 12 hours x $XX = XXX

Total: 30 finished illustrations = $XXXX

I have a sneaking feeling I’m breaking some sort of rule as I post the figures. If so, please let me know and I will remove. Thanks!

Your suspicions are right, there is a rule about that. “Keep all discussions on pricing to general terms. Do not discuss specific prices for services.” I’ve replaced your numerals with X’s, which ought to be general enough.

As to your questions, not everyone does this, but I typically list a dollars per hour charge for anything that goes above and beyond the specifics mentioned in the contract. This helps alert the client to the fact that there will be an extra charge for additional work and also lets them know what that charge will be.

Are you selling the copyrights to the illustrations or just usage rights of some kind? It’s pretty common, as you probably know, with illustrations and photos to charge more for exclusive, long-term usage or ownership since it eliminates the possibility of selling additional usage rights down the road to others. Personally, I don’t do that, but then I don’t do many illustrations.