Feedback on my Branding project?

Hi, I’m looking for feedback on this personal project, some of the mockups aren’t filled in as they’re rough drafts but I wanted to get general thoughts and feedback on where to take this project from what I have so far. I was thinking of adding illustrations to complement the brand identity? or does it already work well without? Any kind of feedback would be much appreciated, thanks!

For context:

Cove is a new youth hostel and safe space opening up in the heart of London. The non-profit works with teenagers and young adults who are either homeless, in between housing or looking for support to get away from a life of crime or abuse.

With its latest space due to open this summer, the non-profit is looking for a disruptive, eye-catching brand identity to help guide its marketing materials and ensure its awareness campaigns are consistent, memorable and impactful.

I’m unsure what illustrations have to do with a logo. If you’re suggesting that there can be more to a visual brand than just the logo, I agree. However, adding illustrations is not a remedy for a weak logo.

Is the warped word a reference to peaceful water ripples in a sheltered cove?

The youth hostel is a “safe space” for troubled, vulnerable youth. However, the brief asks for “disruptive and eye-catching.”

Your proposal is close to being the opposite of disruptive and eye-catching; it’s calm and bland. The brand needs to be visually bold and aggressive while also suggesting a safe place and a respite from these people’s out-of-control lives.

I’m sorry, but you haven’t done this. I’m not even sure you fully understand the problem.


Hey, thanks for your feedback.

At first, I aimed for something simple and bold that would be easily seen around rougher urban areas but reassuring at the same time to evoke the reassuring experience the brand has to offer when you go to the hostel.

So you’re suggesting I change up the colour and visual hierarchy? Something similar to the brand identity for The Prince’s Trust perhaps? The new branding for The Prince’s Trust is designed to uplift

Yes, something along those lines might be more effective. Remember, the target audience is troubled teenagers. First, you need to capture their attention with something they might relate to. It’s a tricky combination of aggressive visuals with a positive, friendly personality. But that’s also what makes it interesting.

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