Feedback on my graphic Design portfolio

Hello all I am a Graphic designer.
I decided to create my portfolio so I will engage more potential clients.
As this is my first attempt I would like to ask you for your feedback.
This is the link of my portfolio.
“Marina(vertical line)art(vertical line) box (dot) me”
All your comments are welcome.
Thanks for your time.

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Hi Marina,
I am currently struggling to assemble my own portfolio so hopefully some other folks will weigh in heavier.
You said this was for freelance clients, right? The one thing I noticed was that it was easier to navigate your work on Behance than on your website because it was categorized. If I were a potential client, I think a showcase wouldn’t be enough. I think I would need a list of services and a more direct way to start a conversation about my needs to receive a quote. It looks great though! Good luck with your business :slight_smile:

I’ve seen this portfolio before. I’ve commented on it before.
It still has the same issues as I originally posted, not sure where though (scratches head).

Now I’m wondering why I’m seeing this portfolio posted everywhere and none of the feedback ever applied to it???

Thank you for your reply.
Smurf2 this is the first time I send my portfolio link in this forum.
You give me a feedback on other forum I do not think so I ignored you.

do you mean dashes instead of “vertical line”?

Yes sorry dash , horizontal line.

It wasn’t just me though. You agreed to some of it.
And I don’t see those changes.

Just wondering what are your plans to improve the website? If you are not taking critique that you’ve already received and liked on board.

What are your plans here?

I don’t think the online portfolio matches up to the level of work you have in your portfolio.
The website looks like it was done an amateur designer - and the portfolio work looks like it was done a designer with a higher level of design ability.

There’s a bit of a disconnect from the presentation box compared to the items within it.
That’s probably the best analogy.

It’s like getting an old shoe box for a present, and opening it up there’s presents from high end marketed products.

The website presentation is very poor. It’s not doing you any justice as a designer and detracts from the good work you’re displaying.

Smurrf2, Yes You have told me this before I think in another forum. I am using squarespace.
I tried hard to use the template and add css and other elements. I will try another template.
Thank you a lot

Two things stand out right away.

One: Way too much type (in my opinion). Keep it brief and to the point.

The font for "Marina’s Art Box looks cheap and jagged. I would go with a font that looks clean and smooth.

Your work is quite nice and it’s being overshadowed by a cheesy greeting and text treatment rather than showcasing it.

Get that cleaned up and I think you are good to go :slight_smile:

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RedKittie thank you for your feedback.
I would like to ask you some questions.

  • When you say “cheesy greeting” you mean the introduction paragraph on the first page?
  • Then you say too much type. I have read somewhere that the potential client would like to know your design process. So what shall I do?
    Have a nice day.
    Speak you soon.

I made some changes you suggested.
If you like have a look.
I did not reduce the text from all the pages.

You mean again the text in logo?
I tried to choose the best fonts.
I will give another try

That looks much better. I personally wouldn’t have “Marina’s Art Box” and then “Welcome to my Art Box”. If you are set on that I might just have “Welcome” and then the background write up. But, either way it looks better.

What I meant by cheesy is that it looked very beginner, bordering on cliché vs the experienced vibe your work shows.


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That looks like a lot more professional now. :+1:

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Miles better. The only thing that still jars a bit is the animated on scroll text. Doesn’t add anything and could look at bit gratuitous. Other than that, a huge improvement. You can see your work now.

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Thank you for your feedback.

Thanks Sprout for your feedback. Can I ask you of which “animated on scroll text” do you mean?

The way the headings animate into position as you scroll to them. It may be personal preference, but I am very much of the mind that if there is not a good reason to do something, then don’t do it – especially with portfolios, where the delivery usually needs to have a fairly light touch in order to showcase the work itself.

Thank you very much.

Thank you for all your assistance.
Kind Regards