Feedback on my portfolio

Good Morning everyone.
I am about to finish my Diploma in Graphic Design and am currently working on my printed portfolio and would love some feedback. I will attached the pdf version so you can see what I have done. It’s a two sided print - post card style and each work/ project is one postcard which I then combine with a book ring.I would love to hear what you think about the design and whether you think it is an effective piece to showcase my work to potential new clients and future employers.
Thank you in advance!

if you have to flip the postcard over to read about the work, that kinda defeats your purpose.

I’m not sure what you mean by a book ring, but putting a single ring on the cards makes looking at the back side of the cards even worse than using a 3-ring binder.

Also with a print portfolio, it’s all about the piece, not a photo of the piece. I realize you are a student but if any piece actually went to production (like maybe something you did for an internship) having an actual piece to show your potential employer is a little more impressive. (IMO, anyway.)

i was looking at a sketch book i drew in 1993 just now and happy i did not spend money digitizing the images in 1998 on a Compact Disk for 100 bucks. Since everyone besides me as those phone-thingees maybe a digital copy of your art work online or on app might be better.
I really want to type “think big, use a highway billboard instead of a post card” but the powers that be might not like that comment.

I don’t see an attachment.

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