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Hello, I am looking for feedback from this group as being a graphic designer before getting into print I used to act as a print broker and know how common this is, so as a potentially large part of my target audience, how do you find my website for ease of use, looks, navigation etc. The aspects you can’t see are one click reordering and artwork saving options.
If you were looking for new print suppliers would you use it or click onto the next site?

I find it really hard to get out of a low cot in the morning.

With low cot shipping available across UK &Europe,

I think you might have constructed your website from your point of view rather than from the viewpoint of your intended audience.

If I were you, I’d focus on establishing a hierarchy of information:

Here’s who I am.
Here’s what I do.
Here’s what I can do for you.
Here are the details you need to know.

Instead of this sort of hierarchy, though, you’ve started out with a full-page carousel that’s largely devoid of any real information, then jumped straight into all the product details of everything without ever providing an overview of what exactly is it you do.

When I see a website for a “printer” that doesn’t tell what they do or what equipment they use, I always assume it is a broker and they don’t actually “do” any of it.
Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. With marketing kitsch all I care about is getting it done right and getting it on time, brokered or otherwise. That’s all about experience on the part of the broker and the relationship I’ve built up with them.

In my opinion, the contact form must be shorter. For the first Call to Action, I think that is enough only a few questions. After customers contact you, you can easily find out all the necessary information that you need for your work been done.

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