Hi guys, I’m je im an amateur designer, I’m in a project for a logo of an app and would appreciate your help and some advice about what I have done already, in advance thank you all. Btw the app is about is about fruit juice.

The one thing going for it, over and above a lot of things we see posted here for critique is you are, at least, using flat colours. However. That’s about all I can say positively for it, apart from maybe that it gives an idea of what the app is concerned with.

Who it is aimed at, is an entirely different matter. It is giving off very mixed messages (no pun intended). Type vs imagery just don’t sit well together.

Visually it just doesn’t hold together at all. Nothing relates comfortably to each other, with some very awkward negative spaces.

The very thin type will not hold well at small sizes.

Not sure why the orange slice has a black line touching it.

Frankly, it all looks, well, a bit amateur and built from clip art. It needs to be a coherent logo rather that separate elements placed in the same area.

I am not trying to crucify you here and, of course, I have no idea whether you are young and pre-university age, or older and a hobbyist. If the former, the last thing I want to do is appear to be discouraging. We all start somewhere.

I’d always encourage people with an interest to learn and develop their skills, but the key word here is ‘learn’. I may be wrong here, but I am guessing your education thus far is from the University of YouTube. If this is something you want to peruse professionally, the I’d suggest learning the right way.

Is this a fictitious project? If so, then although my comments above still apply, this sort of thing is all part of the learning process, so stick at it.

If not, I’d suggest you are not at the point of being able to take on live projects just yet. Please tell me it’s not for a crowd-source competition site.

Design is not about decoration. Simply put, it is about communicating a specific message to a specific group of people. This is a skill that takes years of education and experience to acquire and one you need mentoring through. Posting stuff here for a critique is a good start, but you’ll have to develop a thick skin.

Stick around. I am sure other will have comments you can learn from.


Thanks a lot for your advice and time, surely I’m going to apply each of them.

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