Felt tip pens for solid areas w/o strokes

Hello Friends,

I’m not a Graphic Artist — so I may lack the vernacular to bring my point across, but I need professional input.

I used to have a pen — a long time ago — with which you could color in areas, which would then have a solid area of (in this case) red. You couldn’t make out a single brush stroke in this area, no matter how many times you went over the same area again. It looked as if it was printed (just better).

I remember the pen saying something like “Sanford” (maybe Sharpie, but I’m not sure). It had a thick, conical tip. The body was partly silver, partly transparent.

I have been looking for pens with a similar function in different stores, websites, etc. People I spoke to couldn’t pin-point a specific pen and gave me several to try, but none were satisfactory.
I can’t find anything in Sanford’s current line either.

It doesn’t need to be the same exact pen. I just want to know from someone, who uses pens like these, what this feature is called and where to get them. (I currently reside in Europe, so I’d appreciate a link to an online store.

I know this is very specific, but thank you for reading this and in advance for taking the time to reply.



Welcome Aboard! :slight_smile:

Could it have been Staedtler?


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