Female robot version

Hey guys, I created this fella but I’m stuck on how to create the female version of the same. Do you have any idea?

– A bow on her head.
– Red lips in the classic kiss shape.
– Robot boobies.

Tampon string.

the triangular body upside down



Eyelashes and feminine lips.

Also, the title reminded me of the hole robo-brothel controversy we had here a few months ago. The mayor had to stop a company from opening a robo-brothel. And they passed a new law stating that it’s illegal to have intercourse with any machinery that resembles a human at a business-place. I’m not sure how deep that law goes, because if I slap a wig and glasses on my printer at my office after a few drinks, I can’t promise that I wont end up in prison

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Eyelashes & blue elements to pink. Done.

Maybe most of the above combined with a more rounded or oval-shaped face instead of the rectangular one on the male.

Lashes and lipstick

Too easy to fall into stereotypes; makeup? pink? Even body shapes are not definitive I know. It will depend on your target audience and what message you want to send. If this was to be for material promoting female engineers, lipstick and eyelashes is sending the wrong message. And I know plenty of guys who wear makeup.

So… nothing then? LOL :wink:

When trying to artificially assign recognizable gender differences to mechanical devices, using stereotypes to do so seems the best and most obvious way to go about it. I don’t see a problem with that approach.


What makes the original mascot masculine? Seems gender neutral to me. If anything, the proportion of the head to body and arms suggest it’s an infant.

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