Finding a part-time / remote design job

Do such things exist?

I did used to have a part-time design job, 3–4 days per week. But it was with a rubbish agency, and also a really toxic environment… so I didn’t stay long at all.

I’m thinking I might just contact agencies all over the uk and see if any are willing to employ me in such a way.

I feel like there are more opportunities to work remote these days, I think Covid changed the way a lot of places work.

Contact print shops and design agencies and offer your services as a freelancer.

Then you can take work on when and where it pleases you.

You can work from home or from their offices based on whatever you decide.

Printers particularly need someone to do some design work at lower costs than design agencies for their regular print clients - or even just some amends to existing artwork.

If you were to look at local areas and contact them you would be very surprised by their interest.

  1. Find out who to contact in each place with a phone call
  2. Email - send your CV and portfolio
  3. Give a day or two - then contact them again by phone.
  4. Wait 7 days - contact again
  5. Wait 7 days - contact again
  6. Then leave it and move with the ones that respond.
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If they’re local print shops, go out and leave a resume. Maybe fill out an application on site. We have people walk in all the time. Some get hired on the spot (though for more lower rated stuff like shop helper.)

Thanks for the advice! I have freelanced in the past so am tempted to give it another go.

I’d rather target none-local firms really, to avoid any tricky situations with my employer (I’m am mainly an in-house designer at the minute).

My plan is to go part-time and then use the remaining days for either freelance or a part-time role. Ideally the latter, but that is probably harder to find.

Why do you want two part-time jobs instead of one full-time position? Fulltime jobs typically pay more and come with benefits not given to part-time employees.

My current role involves more than just design and has some other, quite fun, responsibilities that I wouldn’t get elsewhere… it also gives me opportunities to meet lots of interesting people.

But design-wise, it doesn’t really cut it.

So ideally I’d spend around 3 days at my current job, and then use the remaining days for either a part-time design role or freelance. Could be hard to find the opportunities though