Finding a solution - Adobe Acrobat related task

Hi all,

Im gonna skip right to the point - the task is the following.

In Adobe acrobat a PDF file has been created regarding a luxury hotel complex - these a list of all the different areas of the hotel ( over 300 items list) and a detailed map of the complex on the last page.

Next to each item is a Map and Details icon which when clicked will lead to the specific area on the map and to a specific page with more details regarding that item( hotel area) - this has not been completed and for now the only option is to manually go through the list and link everything.

My question is, is there a simpler solution that anyones familiar with (using other programs or whatever comes to mind) or the only solution is the manual linking as explained?

Looking forward to hearing any ideas, thank you!

Your main issue is that you’ll be relying mainly on people using Acrobat to view the document. And in this age, you’ll be facing people using Chrome PDF reader, Firefoxes FoxIt Reader… and other non-Adobe PDF readers, on mobile phones you’ll be facing Samsung PDF readers, Apples own pdf reader and many others.

And these non-Adobe apps likely won’t support all the necessary modules for interactivity that you want to include.

In essence your PDF will not likely work across all devices.

You’re much better off creating a HTML page and creating a digital online file that is easily accessed by everyone.

You can still do this with InDesign using In5 by Ajar In5 home - Digital Magazines, Mobile Apps, Web Banners, Microsites, & more from InDesign

Or using a web developer/website designer to create an interactive HTML5 rich document.


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