Finding that dream job in a very competitive market

As a Senior Graphic Designer with 13 years experience in the UK working for major brands for top agencies and in-house teams in and out of London on just about everything design related (all rounder, minus coding and video editing), so why can’t I get a career break?

I have been searching for a new opportunity for two years in the East Midlands area, so after a vast sea of job applications, phone interviews, interviews, second interviews, studio tests, set projects, job offers and un-offers (ouch!) I have reach the end of the road!

Anyone else in the same boat, stuck at that senior level with an employer who can’t offer anything else other than a monthly pay check with a set salary than barely increases with inflation. You want to naturally progress but your employer is holding you back. I’ve been training in my spare time to boost my CV skills.

Be great to hear from other designers in the same situation, what career path did you take?

I am considering Creative Services, Project Management, Art Direction, Design management.


As illogical as it seems, graphic design is a starting-level position. The good money doesn’t happen until one leverages those skills to jump out of the hands-on work and into some kind of management position that oversees the work of other graphic designers, writers, videographers, photographers, coders, etc.

I couldn’t have worded my situation any better than you just described.

I’ll be going on 14 years experience about 7 years at a management level (Art Direction/Production Management) and Just cant seem to pocket what position is worth in my area.

I don’t believe we’re at liberty to discuss salary directly, butIi believe I can say i’m worth about 15K USD more than what i’m making. It’s quite sad to look at certain job postings - “Senior level, Professional and experienced ONLY - 6 years management exp” they say - and then drop a dollar figure that’s embarrassing to the potential employee.

In some companies it’s even lower, a secondary skill of starting-level positions.

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