[finished project] story - Heating graphics card

Hello everyone, I’m doing a recap of where I am, so my videos are going well I said I would do 20 in advance, before republishing each month, I published 1 on my channel to say that my channel is still alive, I called it “2022-2023” I explained that when I start publishing again it will be 1 per month, not to lose my subscribers.

I’m at 10 finished, it’s going pretty fast, well I’ll say it again here “before” I create 1 video it took me a lot of time (I didn’t count the hours), there by making 4 at the same time, I go faster.

Well and as I go pretty fast, I can’t show you everything I do because it would delay me (for small details), but here I HAVE FINISHED A STORY WITH TEXT, it’s a bit like the “food” project in the method.

But here I did it really differently, I finished the animation, I made the trailer.

But here’s what I did, I did all the graphics first, then I made a kind of comic book “I put boxes”, putting no texts.

I went into the video editing software, I put my animations on the timeline, basically I did it in silent mode
I graphically wrote the order, but I had written “no story, no text”, and when I finished putting a little logical order.

That’s when I started to write lines in it with the subtitles.

But to get back to the technical because I managed to finish it, basically if I have 1 line, I count 3s of subtitle display and 1s of blank, so 4s
per line.

The story in summary is that I heated 1 room of my house with the graphics card of my computer, “over 2 winters”

there are numbers, there are tables, there is a real complete story, it’s about 1 experience.

Well all this to say that I’m going to restart my food project.

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