Firefox not connecting?

Anyone else having problems connecting with firefox? Seems to work ok at work, but not at home. No trouble at all with other websites. Just this one.
Had to connect with Safari.

Never mind. Had to clear the cache and cookies in recent history. Something in there was mucked up.

glad fire foxed is working for you, there are websites called “is it up” that tests sites like twitter, facebook and other popular sites so we don’t crazy, “CBS all access” is a iffy site that does down a lot and these sites help, and i just received a bout of writer’s block were i can’t type or express my thoughts all of the sudden.

the site is :

Yeah, I could connect using Safari so I knew it wasn’t down. But I had just updated Firefox and this was the only website not connecting. Must have had a hiccup in the update. All good now.
I hate Safari.


I like the newest safari, but 2020 Edge is incredible!
well for a Dell xps

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