First animation in a while

I love to make stuff that is story driven… especially when it’s still free for interpretation.
Something I wrapped up today :slightly_smiling_face: hoping to find a better way to animate hair later on.
Missing animation so much.

And the original artwork

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If the original layer didn’t stay there I would be fine with it but yeah… Maybe use adobe animate.
Also the way it just snaps back looks odd, you need to make it flow back into the original position. Also try adding one extra frame at the climax of the animation. It’s a bit slow for breezing in the wind because that’s what the motion looks like, so try adding more in-betweens. Also the back of the head needs a little more animation because the hair there doesn’t move. And the tuffs on the left look rock hard. Also maybe add a blink at the climax frames, and use the frames that flow back into the original position to open them up again.

Looking good! Need some more work to be done on this.

This isn’t the Crit Pit folks :wink:

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Didn’t mean to animate it until I finished the artwork. I know how to properly animate, but don’t want to make a fluent animation from this.

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