First laptop choices, care to weight in?

First we have the Acer Predator 15 or the Macbook Pro 15" they both have very similar specs, I am familiar with both operating systems.

I have read that the macbook has some issues in the ability to run some aspects of adobe creative cloud, I cant weight in on this subject as I have limited experience.

I want something that will last me through school and both of these fit the criteria that I was given.
I haven’t decided which area I want to work toward, however I am wanting to do some game design as well.

Thanks Guys! Just trying to get all the final pieces together before class starts.

Do they use Mac or PC at school? I would stick with whatever you’re using in class.

macbooks have no issues with adobe, other than the usual adobe propensity for hating things mac. nothing that hasn’t existed for a decade or so. no trouble at all with creative cloud. i have a macbook at home and use it for work more often than i’d like.

the question might be…is a student discount, or school discount program available for you to take advantage of. i’d pursue that with both retailers, or with apple directly.

and today my cap button seems to not what to work…time to plug in the “wireless” keyboard.

I know that apple seems to offer discounts to students, I have looked into it a little, at school they use both, just depends on your preference, they have specific specs. It’s really up to the student to choose. I am by no means trying to start a Mac vs PC thread. I just wanted to find one that has all the capabilities that I will need for school and may be a year or so after before its time to purchase another. As I have been reading through the forum, GD’s seem to use both, some use Macbook and PC for different aspects of their career. I am just searching for one that will get me through school and last for a year or so after. I have used both and really have no preference between the two. Thanks for your replies everyone.

one positive about getting a mac is that my school uses Sketch App for web/UX designing which is only available for mac. I really like my macbook, no issues experienced so far.

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Mac and PC are both used, as long as they have specific specs. Its mainly online program, it’s just a hard choice for me to make in deciding which to go with.

Another contender, The HP spectre X360, its a 2 in 1. Love the look and able to be customized for my needs. anyone use one?

I run an HP ENVY, which might be sort of a less fashionably dressed member of the current HP family.

Finally purchased my laptop, decided on the msi stealth pro. It was a happy medium in everything I was looking for.

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Quick questions regarding Mac laptops for school. Instead of creating a new thread I thought I’d ask here. For design school getting a new Mac laptop, would you suggest a MacBook Pro over a MacBook or MacBook Air? Just wondering if the extra 1k is worth spending for running adobe programs and most likely multiple at a time.


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