Hopefully, this project will not take me a millions years to complete. I am in the process of creating a single-page website for my funeral/memorial program design side-hustle (though I did just send in my LLC paperwork to my state! I am taking it seriously). Most likely, I will find some template that I can get a little funky with but still keep things simple because it’s all about the content and my web design skills are on the lower end. I may pay someone but, we’ll see because my bucks are on the lower end too! Anyways, some of my funeral programs are booklet style and upon doing research on similar operations I found a designer that showcases his work flipbook style. Cool! I like that better than just a mock-up or pdf. However, it seems as though the only way to show work this way is through subscription services. Really? No, simply buy an app, convert a pdf and then embed the code myself without having to pay some company $15+ a month for a subscription on top of the web hosting fee for whatever site build? Is there a workaround to all of the subscription platforms?

InDesign can export to publish online and you can embed that in an IFrame on your site.

For pdfs there are standalone page flip apps that you can do one off with. Just need to do the research and find what works for you.

Yeah, thanks for the advice. I’m definitely gonna have to spend longer than my five minute search after reading your reply because it still seems like once you set things up InDesign from all of the tutorials I saw you still have to use sites like Issuu or Ajar plugins. I did contact the guy who made the site that I like. Let’s see if he responds…Oh this adventure :open_mouth::relieved: always either learning or crying about something.

PageFlip is not native from Indesign.

Ajar is highly recommended. It’s up to you.
Or you can use a sepaarte page flip software where you just supply the PDF and then get the iFrame code.

Guess nothing is free these days.