Foam board edge protectors are so hard to find!

I recently designed six 24x36 posters for a client’s museum display, printed on foamcore. However, the printer was careless packing the boards, and all six had edge damage. Instead of having the entire order reprinted, I received a credit from the printer and decided to try and find plastic edge protectors on the tops and bottoms, after receiving client approval.

Does anyone have a good source for this kind of item, where the vendor does not have a purchase minimum? has a $75 minimum order, and other suppliers sell much longer lengths than I need - 24 inches. I never thought it would be so difficult to find 12 two-foot lengths of black edge protector. I may have to resort to automobile door edge protector rolls, but I don’t think that will look right on the posters.

Check your local laminator/art framers.

Are you in the US?
Which coast?
It goes by various names with Edge Cap and Sign Trim being the most common.

Does anything here work for you?
(this opens a catalog pdf page)

or this? (though I think they have a minimum order)

Have a Home Depot nearby?

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Oh wait, you want it pre-cut???
No sign shop nearby willing to sell you any?

Foam core + edge trim + Museum exhibit gives me the shudders.

Yes, I’m in the U.S., but not near any coasts. I’m in Colorado.

Thanks for the leads. I will check them out tomorrow.

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