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I have a client who wants their business cards gold foil blocked on a print background. The design features a delicate floral lie drawing and lettering inBodoni. The print shop say the minimum thickness for a line is 1pt which makes these unfeasible. Certainly the Bodoni would have to change for a completely different font. Is this normal or should I look for a more specialist outfit?

Yeh not every design can achieve this.

You’ll have to work within the limits of the technology.

Maybe another could be achieved like

If it were me, I’d be hesitant to foil block (foil stamp) anything that narrow, and I wouldn’t use it for small details where high accuracy is important, like thin strokes and serifs on small type — especially with a face like Bodoni, which depends on those very design elements.

Another thing to consider is that foil stamping, tends to make thin lines thicker, so that 1-point line just might end up looking like 1.5 points on the finished card. At the very least, I’d use a very hard, smooth-surfaced paper stock for stamping those kinds of fine details.

Your client just might have something in mind that pushes up against, as @Smurf2 put it, the limits of the technology. It might be good to warn them about this, then let them make the decision.

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Does it have to be foil?

This is what I was thinking. I reproofed the client with an amended version of the line drawing (thickened up in PhotoShop) and a different font. I always try to say upfront what any potential problems might be and what effect the solutions might have. In this case the client understood and accept the proofs. It’s gone to print.

Might be able to get close to the original ask with metallic ink.

That’s what I was thinking too

Gold ink on a dark green background - it would need a knockout and trapping but it could be done. We may suggest that for next time if the client is not happy with the foil blocking.

Engraving would also be an option. Like traditional foil, it involves a metal die, but can handle fine detail better. The ink is also opaque, so no knockouts would be needed. In addition, the tactile qualities of engraving convey an unmistakable impression of high-end elegance, if that’s what’s needed.

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