Foil vs. emboss foil

Does anyone have a good image of the difference between plain foil and then an embossed (or debossed) foil? I’m trying to explain the process to a client who is abroad and I need some visuals, but can’t seem to find good examples on google. In a perfect world, it’d be the same graphic just done produced both ways.

Hmm. Do you have a vendor in mind to do the foil stamping or foil stamping plus embossing? If so, I’d check with them and ask for samples that you could photograph and send to the client. The only other thing I can think of would be to do a Photoshop mockup. There are tons of logo mockups out there. I’ve seen some that simulate foil, and I’ve seen some that simulate embossing. Best case scenario, you might find one that simulates embossing and foil and then you can turn the effects on and off to create the end product.

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Not saying this would work for sure, but something like one of these:

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

You might need to spend a little time searching for just the the right one.

Unfortunately we/they have not picked a vendor otherwise I would most definitely ask them. I was hoping to not spend any time on mocks so thought I’d ask here. Thanks for the suggestions & for trying :slight_smile:

Steve_O’s answer seems like the right idea. You could get samples from any local printer who does such work. It doesn’t have to come from the actual printer you will use for the project.

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Contact a print logistics company there’s plenty around. They will have contacts to people who does this and be able to send you an image.

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