Folder/File Open in Another Program? Win10

I’m trying to tackle the "“Folder or File Open in Another Program” pop-up error in Windows 10…This error is not exclusive to adobe…but does seem to happen more often with it…In most cases after saving and closing a tabbed document…the file get’s locked in place ( I am unable to move or rename the file from file explorer…and it extends to all parent folders that the file is in… I’m honestly not sure if it’s an issue with Windows or Adobe or both…but when structuring/organizing folder trees I am constantly getting locked out of branches .and having to keep notes and restart file explorer from task manager.

Third party tweaks:
-I added"Unlocker" to context menu,
but it never identifies the process, and instead offers to delete on next reboot,
which I’m not really fond of in case I accidently forget I had done this and put something important in there.

I tried adding “Take ownership” to context menu, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore,
it used to fix the issue like magic.

I thought I would ask here befpre I destroy my computer trying to fix it.
It’s starting to drive me mad.

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