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I need to make a bilingual 5" X 3" folding tent card with a bleed in landscape orientation. I want one cover and the inside of that cover to be English. So when you lift open that cover, the English is right side up. When you turn the card around, the other cover will be in Spanish and when you open that cover, the inside cover will be in Spanish right side up. The English text below (ion the inside of the English cover) would be upside down. I attached a sketch. I’m not sure how I set this document up. Do I format the page as 5 X 3 and have 4 pages in my document? Do I create a 5 X 6, 2 page document and then flip the text upside down on the cover and inside cover?

Consider how the human mind works. Say your preferred language is English, and you are reading the English part of the outside tent card. You flip it open. Do you expect a right reading inside? Yes you do, or, yes I do. I can’t be bothered to turn it 180º before I read the inside.

So the orientation should be:
Outside: Top Spanish, bottom English.
Inside: Top English, bottom Spanish
All should be starting from the fold, outward.

If it is going to print, make sure to supply the printer with a dummy. Don’t forger to bleed.

The art should be a two-page document, 5 x 6. Include the fold guide, marked well.

I think that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. You’re facing the English cover. When you flip it open, you see the English text right side up on the inside of that cover. If you look below, the Spanish text on the lower part of the inside would be upside down. However, if you turn the card aroud and face the Spanish cover, then open it, the Spanish text would be right side up on the top and the English on the lower part would be upside down. Is that a good way to design this?

The only right answer should come from the person who gave you the job. Make up a dummy and show him/her.

If it were me, I’d place the right-side-up, inside words on the lower half of the card, not the upper half. Someone opening the card would see the bottom half, as it was being opened, before the top half.

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Yeah, I suppose that makes sense too.

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