Font Concern by the client


So my client recently sent some text back saying the font looks funny. (Please see for reference)

I am using Helvetica Neue in InDesign and it looks fine when you zoom in.

Can someone please clarify this for me? And how do I tell my client that’s it’s fine and let’s move on.

Thanks a lot! I look fwd to some help and answers! I appreciate this.

It does look bad in the sample they attached. The round letters extend way above their overshoot points, which makes them look larger than the glyphs with the square terminals that stop at the x-height.

You didn’t happen to outline the fonts (or even worse, rasterize them) on whatever it was you sent them, did you. If so, this removes the hinting from the font that is added to mitigate these sorts of pixel rounding errors when viewed on lower-resolution displays.

If that’s not the case, rounding errors are still my best guess, but it’s likely due to some glitch unrelated to the font. Whatever the reason, though, if you have a legitimate copy of Helvetica Neue, the outlines should be fine, and the problem will go away when viewed or printed from a higher-resolution device.

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Thank you for your response.
The font is fine otherwise as it’s a normal use in Adobe InDesign and when you zoom in it shows clarity.

I haven’t done it in outline mode or anything like that. Do you think that might solve the issue though?

Another query is how do I crop my image as I didn’t want the whole email to show :)?

No, I was suggesting that might be the problem since it would remove the hinting.

In what format did you send it to your client? PDF? If so, did you save it to PDF from InDesign? Are you sure about the settings you used. When you look at what you sent them, does it look OK to you?

If you’re using InDesign, I assume you’re also using Photoshop. You can crop things there before you upload them.

Change it to Myriad Pro or something and say to the client 'Yes, you’re right, that does look better". It makes no real difference to this kind of job but the client feels more engaged. There is no point arguing that you are right, just give them what they want.


I changed it to another font but they still were complaining. Finally, we agreed that it is a screen issue. and I said that you haven’t hired me to fix the screen issue so I can’t help you with that.

Took guts to say it but that was true.

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