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Hi! I’ve done this logo but i’m struggling in finding a font for the brand name to put under it. Can you give me suggestions?

It’s not just a visual font-compatibility question. The shape of the words themselves, the nature of the brand’s personality, and that of its market, possible applications (signage, tags, embroidery, etc.), and more, are all factors in making a good choice. Sure anyone here can blindly make suggestions, but in the end you’ll have to undertake the real work of experimenting with dozens of possibilities and narrowing it down based on those criteria. Your time would be better spent doing that then waiting for blind, token suggestions here.

Without elaboration, one may as well suggest Comic Sans or Courier or Didot. I haven’t a clue.

Do you mean I need to say other informations?

Comic-sans is suitable for kids, children, jokes and funny stuffs.

If you can give us more information about your site or company then we can recommend a font that is related to your information.

I would go for a bold sans, not too round, maybe all caps and spaced out depending on the length of the name.

Bold because it needs weight to match the icon
Name at least twice the width of the icon using size or spacing
Nothing too round like Avant Garde or Century Gothic
Nothing too square like DIN or Eurostile
Nothing too informal like Goudy Sans or Bauhaus
Nothing too obvious like Helvetica

Maybe something with a hint of 30s Art Deco like Bliss or Bree. You may find a font that works but one letter really grates. Move on, don’t try to make it work. There are plenty of good sans faces out there.

Getting something appropriate to the business may be difficult if it’s too corporate but this should be taken into account.

Ok, so:
It’s a sport brand, the name Is Bavaro Goalkeeping and the logo represents a monochromatic B. It will be used on websites, on goalkeeper gloves and on apparel. If you need more information ask me and sorry for not giving any before.

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