Font from word to illustrator


We make a lot of boat names at my work.
Now, I got a word file from the client with the information of how they want the names to be cutted.

In the file the typeface is Baguet Script (as they also want it to be). I cannot find this font in Illustrator, and turns out its not even in the windows font map.

When I look online; it’s a payed font.
Is it possible that the word file has enclosed the typeface like indesign packages but I just cannot use it myself?

Hope my question is understandable :smiley: and someone can help me.


If it’s a font that you need to pay for, it’s unlikely to be included in any kind of software package. You should to buy it if you are going to use it.

It is less than £25!! Buy it and charge it on to the client – making them aware of the fact you are going to, naturally.

Alternatively, they can write it as a pdf from Word and then from within the full version of acrobat, you can outline fonts, then open in Illustrator – as long as they provide exactly what you need. If you have to edit the text, or create it from scratch, you need to buy the font – legally and ethically.

Microsoft has it’s own set of fonts available for Office applications and not a system font.

You might be able to find it in the Microsoft folders and install it as a system fonts.

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Ah I see, thnx!
Ill try to look it up, else I’ll just download something simular :slight_smile:

If they can send you a PDF,
place the PDF in Illustrator then Object > Flatten Transparency and make sure all vectors are 100% and that text is converted to outlines. Do Not select outline strokes at this stage. You may need to edit them.

If the client is married to that font, downloading “something similar” is a good way to lose clients.