Font help please

I’ve been asked to recreate this logo and they want to keep the fonts as close as possible. The script LOOKS like a font, but question is - hand drawn or a font? Any help would be appreciated.
Country Corn_logo

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:thinking: TinEye Reverse Image Search


Well, shoot fire! I’ve looked at 10,000 fonts but I didn’t do an image search.
Thanks, Joe!

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I guess the question I have, is why is it neon green?

Popcorn infused with medical marijuana.

Someone just got busted!
I’m fairly certain all three of those don’t allow image stock in logos.


Whooops! Well then…
I’ll see what the guy wants to do. And in fact, I think the whole thing is pretty BU

I’ve used Google’s search by image, but I’ve never heard of Tin Eye before. I’ll have to give it a try next time the need arises.

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Tineye has actually been around longer than Google’s search by image.
And quite frankly, Google’s new image search interface is now decidedly inferior. Haven’t found the Legacy button yet, LOL!

Rickself, check the licensing words. Especially any extended use. Could be it’s covered, but it would have been a very recent change.

I read through it and in the licensing I didn’t see anything that I COULDN’T use it as long as the product isn’t a direct relation to the image. Or something like that.

Figuring Adobe would be the most heinous of the lot, I found only this in their
You Must Not section:

register, or apply to register, a trademark, design mark, service mark, sound mark, or tradename, that uses any Stock Asset (in whole or in part); or claim ownership rights in an attempt to prevent any third party from using a Stock Asset;

So you can use it but not trademark it? (shrug)

123RF is a little more strict about it:

You may NOT:
c. infringe 123RF’s intellectual property rights in connection with the Content and/or Licensed Work by misappropriating any rights, removing any copyright notice, watermark or other information in any Content, using the Content in any logo or trademark, or misrepresenting as the original creator of a work that derives a substantial part of its artistic components from the Content;

I didn’t bother with Bigstockphoto

:man_shrugging: Legalese trips me up

Yup. If anyone actually really read a stock image license they would never use them. They usually have an indemnity section that could get very very expensive if called into play. But, that’s why we have a lawyer on staff here, LOL!

Client just supplied a vector file of the logo so I am off the legal hook! Took forever to get it but… phew!


I asked about the color, because It doesn’t seem like a very printable color.

Yeah, it’s really not. The file wasn’t exactly a printable file either! I think it was artwork from a label on a mylar bag
I’ll be so glad to retire within the next year! 30 years of the same ol’ crap. Garbage in and garbage out and nobody ever learns,

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I wish I could retire, the cannabis “design” style really took off over here and some if it is good i.e the branding BUT from the products I’ve seen online…it really scratches my head as too who is making the design and how do they think its good.

I will say, I live near some areas that aren’t the highest paying and I worked in the area at a print center and the quality of the local designers was…on par with what I’d trash.

As for garbage in, garbage out I think that’s a growing trend that will not go away.

Most cannabis designers are the owners themselves who, through the magic of software, can design as good as the church secretaries that used “Desktop Publishing” to produce their weekly bulletins back 30 years ago.

You are welcome. :relaxed: