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Does anybody know a font that is similar to this one? i’ve been trying to find one with the same thick and thin parts but I have not had any luck


Probably because it’s brushlettering. I think you’re not going to find one font that is exactly the same, or they have mimicked an existing one, then you better ask the person who made it which one it is because there are so many fonts like this. (If that is possible) Option two is to just pick one that is similar to it :slightly_smiling_face:

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yes haha my thoughts exactly just haven’t found one similar enough

Baelish is pretty similar

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This is another copy cat font. By that I mean everyone and their brother has come out with a version of this. Just look for Script fonts in the Calligraphy and Brush category and you will see 100’s.

This style is apparently all that matters these days :wink:

In addition to what PD mentioned, here is a list of similar that I can name off the top of my head because so many have asked.

Bambi Font

Madina Script

Beautiful Bloom

Silhouetto Script


… and that’s just a few :wink:


I think this is custom font someone just made it for himself, or it can be premium font.

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