Font ID Help

I feel like we need one consistent thread of these type of posts but I’ll jump in the ocean of singular posts. I recognize both of these fonts but don’t know where from/can’t find them through Anyone in the same boat as me but know what they’re called?

Looking for the Anniversary and 25th font

Looking for the Team font

I think the 25th and Anniversary is Commercial Script

No idea on the Team. It could possibly be an original just for them.

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I think you’re right, parts of the A look badly edited. I’m currently torn between tracing it and altering the letterforms.

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It looks like this guy (D3skier) made the Team Mastercraft mark/logo. Hmm, maybe not, but you can poke around and see if there’s anything in that thread that will help you.

I found that thread actually but he mentioned on the first page he got it from a Mastercraft sticker he got in 04-06 and is just reproducing them at request with alterations.

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