Font ID please please please

I know I’ve seen this but all font matching websites are failing me - possibly because it’s a bit low res.

That ‘S’ …

I can help you with fonts


@mdjiarulhaque4 - If you know what it is … by means … post it here in the thread :wink:

I hope that’s a horribly hand drawn thing and no one has med a font out of that, as you say, the S. I am going to wake up in a cold sweat about that S, The R and D come a close second.

Yeah, there are some well-crafted typefaces meant to look intentionally crude and rough. Others simply look inept. This one is the latter.

If these are letters from a font, it’s almost certainly a free font. The font-ID sites don’t typically match them.

Once again, typed in haste. Should have been

‘…and not one someone has made a font of. As you say…’

Honestly, I despair of me sometimes!