Font ID please

It looks like a lot of sans fonts, but the ‘C’ has flared almost-serifs, the ‘U’ is wonky and the ‘N’ has an angled bottom right turn. Hoping this rings a bell with someone here.

Hmm. I don’t recognize this. It looks a bit like a contemporary version of Optima.

New Millenium is close but no cigar.


ITC Legacy Sans … probably Pro Medium


I said it before – You are a goddess!

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Stop … you’ll make me blush …



Wow you are good :smiley: TYVM

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You’ve been doing this (plus impressing the hell out of everyone) all these years. A flash in the pan you certainly are not.

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Thanks SM and Eriskay :heart:

Many moons ago we had a member named Frankster. She called me the Scarlet Fontinel. It always made me giggle :smiley:

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I miss Frankster. Not that she’s dead or anything. I just miss her being on GDF.


Frankster was a fountain of comedy.


I miss her too. She was so dang funny :smiley:

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