Font ID please

Help to anyone (@RedKittieKat specifically, ha) who can identify this font. I feel like an idiot really. I feel like this is a “standard font” and I should recognize it. It is similar to trebuchet in a lot of ways, but the sloped M and the lowercase e are off, and the slight angle to the top of the lowercase l.

Similar to Myriad, but that’s not it. So I suppose that’s a “no,” I don’t know what font that is.

Thanks @Steve_O I’m glad I’m not going crazy. It does look similar to a few things, but I can’t seem to find a match.

Whatever it is, that ‘e’ is positively painful.

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Yes, it appears to be a somewhat inept attempt at a Myriad clone.

Oh – and the kernings. Shoot me now.

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@CraigB Looks like it could be Fira Sans Reg

If it is, it’s a pretty poor copy of it. Can’t see Mr Spiekermann making those kinds of typographic faux pas.

Thanks @RedKittieKat It’s close-ish to Fira, but the lowercase c in Fira is more narrow and the lowercase e in Fira is more normal. Lastly the curve at the bottom oof the lowercase l flips up as opposed to ending at a vertical angle. I appreciate it. I may poke around looking a little more. It’s not the end of the world if I can’t find an exact match, but it would be nice to.

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I’m just wondering why matching this font is even necessary? There are far better fonts you could use (unless it’s some kind of “Corporate Manifesto” to match it.)


It’s to get a vector version of a logo. I just ended up redrawing it. For how we are using it, which is relatively short term, less than a month and only internally I figured redrawing it was “close enough”.

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I’m wondering if someone before you had to redraw it, but perhaps they weren’t completely accurate. It’s so close to a few … but I just can’t find a dead ringer match :frowning:

… and yes I’m still looking lmao :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate not being able to find a perfect match. It’s a compulsion :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless the client insisted on that exact wordmark, I likely would have considered doing them a favor and using RKK’s suggestion of Fira Sans. It’s essentially the same thing, only drawn better.

I normally wouldn’t attempt to improve a client’s logo without mentioning it to them, but I suspect they wouldn’t care or notice in this instance. Otherwise, they would never have used it to begin with. Then again, I wasn’t there. :wink:

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It is a clunky logo for sure, and @RedKittieKat I know you want to find it, but redrawing it is fine. I was just trying to avoid that. It’s a done deal. Thanks everyone.

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Okay, as long as you spent minutes (instead of hours) to do it. Personally, if I were the company’s designer, I would fuss at management until management let me change (sic: “Improve”) the whole thing.

Sounds like the Poster is an in-house designer, pleasing management, not a client. This whole thing reminds me of the “Spectrum” cable company logo in our area, which is a mucked-up and badly tweaked version of helvetica.

I just looked it up. Yes, it’s more than a little awkward. I’m all for customizing wordmarks, but I don’t think most realize that it’s harder to do well than it might seem.

I heatily agree, Just-B — It’s a total abomination! — What a MESS!

I can just imagine the conversations about their new logo that went on in the Board Room. "Hey, we don’t need a professional graphic designer to do this. My (husband / wife / cousin / child / grandchild, etc.) is an “artist”, why don’t we get (him / her) do it?

It’s like the old phrase that describes the definition of a Camel … It’s a Race Horse that was put together by a committee,"

WOAH!—I just saw 40 perfect examples of plans gone awry on one of the odd websites I subscribe to. I think several of the 40 examples prove my previous points. Check it out and start shaking your head. I don’t know if I should just laugh hysterically or shout “WHAAAAATTT!”


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LOL :grin:

As a crafter, I’ve always been of the mind set - Just because you can make it … doesn’t mean you should. :wink:

Those dolls are horrifying … all of them :stuck_out_tongue:

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