Font ID please

I need both fonts here

It’s a great quote btw - Vidal Sassoon I believe.

Script looks close to Drina.

Is it not hand lettering? It looks like it to me.

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I too think this is handwritten. Not one letter is identical.

Definitely hand done. Sometimes there are OpenType stylistic sets in fonts where a second or third set of alternate glyphs are available. This provides variety in handwritten fonts, but I don’t think that’s the case with either one of these since, as RKK noted, “not one letter is identical.” It’s always nice to run into genuine handwritten type instead of a typeface made to simulate it.

I agree most likely hand lettering, but a close match could be Amastery with different glyphs.

OK thanks all, that explains why I can’t find it / them :slight_smile:

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BTW thank you for Amastery - a great font with lots of swashes.

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