Font ID Please

Trying to recreate a logo - of course the customer has no ideas as this was designed for their website.


No idea, sorry.

Have you tried one of those online font identifier sites like WhatTheFont?

Tried all those including a dodgy Chines website that has helped in the past. I even scrolled through all 75 pages of Fancy>Eroded on

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I thought you probably would have, ahh well.

Looks like your going to have to recreate it from scratch hahahaha ahem… sorry.

That’s one ugly and badly built set of letters. Wouldn’t it be better to just replace it with something similar that actually looks professional, like Avant Garde?

Hmm. It almost looks like it is supposed to be hand drawn / hand written in style. Not saying it is as I believe it’s a font, but maybe try searching for hand written sans serif fonts.

Illuminate by Brittney Murphy Design


Good job grfkdzgn!!! :slight_smile:

On another note … whyyyy do people choose such shitty fonts when there is a world of beauty out there … hurt my heart and my eyes! LOL :smiley:


Dang, there are some impressive font IDers in this house.


Dayum grfkdzgn that’s a good catch :smiley: tyvm

Glad to help!

Crumbs that fall from the table.

I think this is sort of “Typo Grotesk Regular”

This was already answered :slight_smile:

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