Font ID - Sans serif

Does anyone recognise this sans serif with rounded bottoms? :wink:

Quite unusual, might be a custom job. Any fonts with a similar feel would be appreciated too.

Sorry about the quality. The sample I had was tiny.

Hmmm this is a toughie. My gut is telling me that someone frogged around with a font.

Maybe someone else will have more insight.


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Umm, Trojan? Just kidding. No idea what that is.

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Dunno … looks like it could be a combo of fonts with the tail of the G being hacked

P22 Akebono


…or some other.

I thought of P22 Akebono too because of the T and the I … but the G was just too different. In the example the G and O are identical but for the cut out and “arrow” bit. I almost think someone took a straight edged font and lopped off a couple corners :wink:

There are a couple other fonts out there with a similar T and I but again the G looks nothing like the example.

It’s a stumper :thinking:

Thanks guys. I think I will re-draw the letters for the main parts but client also needs a font for their branding. I’ll check the suggested fonts for that.

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After remarks about an amended font with added round bottoms to the letters, I squared off the letters and did a search.

Looks a lot like Moriston Bold which is available free for personal use here:


Thanks for the effort @StudioMonkey!

Have you tried or Identifont?

Yes :slight_smile:

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This font little bit similar with Heisei Maru Gothic Std W8 Bold but i’m not sure what exactly is it.

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