Font ID / Suggestion

Anyone have any idea on one of these fonts or a suggestion to something close? Thanks for looking.

It’s one of those Monogram/Regal/Victorian fonts I swear I’ve seen before … but darned if I can pin point it.

It could be a Letterhead font as well.

This may help with bits and pieces … there seems to be a little of everything :wink:

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It does have the feel of something from Letterhead Fonts. That was the first place I looked but didn’t have any luck.

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Found the G :smiley:

Still looking when I have a few minutes :wink: They have to be around somewhere :wink:

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Well I officially give up LOL … the way they are set up in My Fonts seems to be all jumbled. I can’t seem to narrow it down by style. And then clicking on 90% of the glyphs to blow them up brings up something entirely different.

There are many that look similar but I can’t get to the actual letter to double check. And btw … they are all called Victorian Monogram or Vintage Monogram LOLOL :stuck_out_tongue:

And no other font site has them as far as I can tell. And the even stranger part is they already seem to be paried up. :flushed: I hope you want the initials they have.

I officially have brain drain LOL … I need coffeeeeeee…


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Thanks, RKK, it is greatly appreciated. I was playing around with the sample feature on My Fonts, and it seemed a bit wonky. I don’t know if that’s a matter of glyphs and special characters or what. Anyway, thanks, again.

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I have several books full of old engraving reproductions. There are many of these old letters and monograms in them. I suppose it’s possible there is no digital font and that they’re scans from books like these.


I think that’s probably what happened as well.