Font ID

Come on @RedKittieKat ! I know you’ve got this! But I’ll take anyone’s ID. I will say I will accept fonts that are similar or close.

I thought it was Party Crush … but no :wink:

I’ll keep scrounging around … be back shortly :smiley:

I knew it looked familiar … so I kept looking and on a hunch I looked for TV fonts. :smiley:

Brady Bunch

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@RedKittieKat You’re a machine. That is amazing. Thank you!


Great, now I have the theme song stuck in my head.


I watched The Brady Bunch Movie not too long ago. God that’s a funny movie.

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Thanks Steve-o…I really didn’t even need the picture to get that stuck after you wrote it


That’s definitely a post Hawaii opener :smiley:

… remember Mike’s hair didn’t get curly until he went there


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Wow, I never picked up on the change in his hair. Too much thinking about Marsha, Marsha, Marsha, I suppose.


Marsha was one of those characters everyone liked. I loved the whole show. The worst thing in the world to me was having done some obscure thing that would cause me to be punished by not being able to watch. This, Lucy, Carol Burnett, Gunsmoke, Big Valley and the Wonderful World of Walt Disney were all shows that would be dangled like a carrot so I didn’t tick off my Mother :wink: … and just for argument sake … I was more a Brady Bunch viewer than a Partridge Family viewer. Although I sort of liked it, my life wasn’t devastated if I couldn’t watch it lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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Best of Marcia my AAAA----lice.

As a 12-year-old boy, I was more preoccupied with the all-too-often-overlooked Jan Brady than Marcia.


Oddly enough, Bobby Brady (Mike Lookinland) was born in the same small, rural, central Utah hospital where I was born, and lives in a suburb of Salt Lake, not far from the condo where I used to live. If I remember right, he owns an architectural concrete business that makes countertops.

I wonder if he gets work based on his notoriety. “Bobby Brady did my countertops!”

I just looked up his business, and I think a new website is needed. The website doesn’t mention The Brady Bunch, but his direct email is there right on the first page.

Somehow in my mind, it registered long ago that the Brady Bunch kids were somehow megastars — probably because I watched so many of their episodes when I was also a kid.

It’s just a little disconcerting (in a good way) that at least one of them grew up to be a regular guy running a regular small business in the suburbs. He likely mows his own lawns on the weekends, drives a pick-up truck, and attends the neighborhood barbeque parties too.

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Ginger or Mary Ann?

Definitely Mary Ann! I read where she (Dawn Wells) died from COVID this last winter. :frowning_face: :cry:

Mary Ann, hands down! Never was a Brady Bunch watcher.

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