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I’m curious about the font used for “Worship.” I’ve been seeing this all over the place recently. I don’t have a need for this, I’m just curious what this is because it seems to be suddenly very popular. It’s like this year’s Lobster.

Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 8.23.22 AM

Steelworks Paint

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I haven’t done it recently, but throughout my career whenever I have some extra time and a job that would let me play around a bit, I would make Headline copy unique by adding strange little ascenders and defenders. Lots of fun and sometimes, resulted in some really great outcomes.


When I designed feature pages at my old newspaper job, I’d often do this sort of thing. This was in the mid-1980s — immediately before desktop publishing when we built mechanical layouts rather than digital ones.

Typography was limited to the newspaper’s Atex pagination system and whatever rubdown letters we had. Sometimes, I’d drawn my own headlines when I needed something that wasn’t available. Eventually, this evolved into designing and selling my own fonts, which has been a nice little side thing.

Just-B — we have similar experiences. I started adding flourish at my first job (TV Art Director) when all I had to work with was my own hand letting and five type faces on a Kensol Hot Press.

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