Font ID


I’m not even sure it is a font, but I figured I’d check. And I’m hoping @RedKittieKat will work her magic. But if anyone might have an idea what font this is I would appreciate it.

It looks like Arnold Bocklin to me.

Aidan Thin or something like that rings a bell

Yep … that’s what it is :slight_smile:

MyFonts has a few versions and there are a lot of knock offs. This one has be frogged around with. There is no bold version anywhere I can see. So, I’m going to assume they chunked it up with a good stroke and then added the additional black stroke :wink:

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Perfect. Thanks. It is definitely a variation of it. At least it gives me somewhere to start searching.

Pretty sure it’s Aidan Thin

Even though Arnold Böcklin seems like a typeface that epitomizes the late 1960s and the whole San Francisco hippie thing, it’s an Art Nouveau typeface from (had to look up the date) 1904 that was named after a Swiss painter who died a few years earlier.

As already mentioned, there are dozens of variations of the typeface that people have made over the years, such as Aidan Thin. Most are poorly built free fonts. I think the official version is owned by Linotype or, more accurately, Monotype.

Arnold Böcklin, like Hobo, are typefaces that make me cringe unless I view them in their original contexts of coming from the Art Nouveau period, where they fit right in.

Probably more than anyone wanted to know. Sorry. :neutral_face: