Font Identification

Despite my best efforts I am unable to identify this font. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I’m not at all sure this is an actual font. In some places it looks like someone may have hacked it together.

@H3AdBaBY Heavy Copper



Wow! Thank you very much!! That’s amazing! How did you do that?

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The goddess RKK – I am out of superlatives.

You are awesome (Will this do?)!

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LOL Thanks guys :wink: :heart:

Ground-Up Lawn? At first, I wondered if it was a company that grinds up and removes lawns. Doesn’t strike me as an appropriate name for a lawn-care company. Even the typeface they’ve chosen has a grinding, demolition derby sort of look.

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Yeah, it’s killing me working on this project (FWIW, this is customer supplied “art” that I have to recreate). There is so much wrong with the design: the inappropriate font (notice the “5” ?), the garish colors, the urban camo, the shredded graphic element, the borderline illegible URL… and the name that evokes images of a zero-turn mower doing donuts, turf flying everywhere! Oh well… I’ll do what the customer wants and I’ll also do a couple less “edgy” designs.


With these kinds of jobs, I always remind myself that the pay is the same.

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Chances are they were playing off of “from the ground up” with “from the” being sort of understood. Even if that’s the case, it’s an iffy name at best.

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FWIW this is most of my work now … I just finished a really horrible leaflet with 7-8 mismatched graphic elements that I had to redraw. The supplied ‘artwork’ was a photo of him holding a creased leaflet, taken on his phone …

This is just the front;

Why has the ‘ProTailoring’ been partially erased ?

I have a feeling the name and phone number at the bottom were blocked out for privacy / security purposes.

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