Font Identification

Its been forever since I have been here, kind of feeling guilty! Glad to see so many usernames I recognize are still around.

Anyone have a clue what this font is or something that is close to it?

Swordsman Bold Italic. The publisher, Swift International appears to be a games company. The native kerning looks unpolished and will need some adjustment.

Thanks. That’s Amazing! How did you find that? I looked everywhere. I was kind of secretly hoping no one would so I could tell my client we need to go with something different. :lying_face:

The font is not listed with WhatFontIs or FontSquirrel or any of the other main font finders as far as I could tell. I used one that has a reputation for piracy and nasty unwanted files so I don’t download from it, but it does have access to some fonts the others don’t. I won’t be sharing the link.

Ah ok! :laughing:

I see that SWFTE International Ltd allegedly ripped off a lot of typefaces particularly from Bitstream which may have also allegedly done the same from Linotype. I highly doubt a licensed version can be found anywhere.

I’ve always known this as Black Chancery

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Thanks Red.

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